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Cardinal Sound & Communications is proud to be a member of the Digital Music Express affiliate network.  The DMX satellite service offers  105 channels of CD quality stereo music, 24 hours a day, non-stop and with no commercials or talk.  DMX programming covers every musical style,  most with multiple channels, to set the mood and image that you want to project to your customers and clients.  But don't take our word for it, see what DMX subscribers have to say!
Today, high-quality sound is part of people's daily lives, in their homes, their cars, the movies... They notice when that same quality is missing in a business.
Successful business owners appeal to all the senses to create an environment that supports their marketing objectives and projects a total image. What a customer sees, feels, and hears dramatically influences what he or she thinks about your products or services.
The fact is, businesses can no longer afford to ignore the advantages of quality audio, or settle for yesterday's technology. With DMX you don't have to.


With DMX, music can be your most powerful partner. Today's premier business music service puts a world of music at your fingertips. So you can make a memorable impact, 24 hours a day. Only DMX gives you:
The widest music selection available with more than 1 million original artist songs and up to 120 music styles.
Pure digital music in high-fidelity stereo sound so your business always sounds its best.
A smooth, continuous flow of music, with no commercials and no DJ's to interrupt.
DMX's exclusive Music Application Program (MAP™) to customize a music program lineup to create the atmosphere you want for your business.
Convenient system control features that put you in charge of your audio image and let you concentrate on running your business.
The most music for your money, with only one monthly fee, and no extra charge for holiday or specialty programming. All applicable music licensing fees included.


How your business sounds is as important as how it looks. Set the tone with DMX and you tap into a powerful force. Studies show music can:
Create or reinforce an image; customers know who you are from the first moment.
Influence in-store traffic and sales. In one study, average gross sales increased 38% when music was played.
Improve employee morale and productivity.
Influence consumers' choice between businesses of the same type.
Make waiting in line or on the phone seem shorter.


Radio and CD's from home may seem convenient, but they can't match DMX's ability to provide the right sound, all the time.
Music from the radio and CD's can't guarantee the right match for your customers or desired atmosphere.
Radio has fluctuating sound levels and music styles, plus jarring tempo changes, making it difficult to select consistently effective music.
Competing advertisements and radio DJ's interrupt the flow.
Bringing CD's from home wastes time and money, and requires costly equipment that could break down.
Radio and personal CD's give you little control over what employees play.


DMX puts you in charge of your audio image 24 hours a day. With complete convenience, flexibility and ease of use.
DMX's durable, commercial-grade equipment offers virtually hands-free operation.
The DMX DJ® remote gives you instant channel and atmosphere-changing flexibility.
With "dayparting", automatically program changes in music to suit the time of day or customer demographics.
"Zoning" targets different tunes to different areas of your business, so each has a custom sound.
Channel lockout and selection features let you automatically choose channels you want to hear or block out unsuitable choices, locally or remotely.
DMX on Hold helps reinforce your image each time customers call.
Tune in to variety, quality and convenience with the world's best selection of pure digital music. Call us for your sound success...
©DMX Inc.
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