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Handbook for Sound Engineers by Glen M. Ballou* The most comprehensive reference work on sound engineering on the market * Contributors are the leading experts in their fields
* Explains MIDI, cinema sound, transformers, consoles, and more
Handbook for Sound Engineers is the most comprehensive reference available for audio engineers. It is written by many of the top professionals in the field, including Glen Ballou on interpretation systems, intercoms, assistive listening, and image projection; Ken Pohlmann on compact discs and DVDs; David Miles Huber on MIDI; Dr. Eugene Patronis on amplifier design and outdoor sound systems; Bill Whitlock on audio transformers and preamplifiers; Pat Brown on fundamentals and gain structures; Ray Rayburn on virtual systems and digital interfacing; and Dr. Wolfgang Ahnert, on computer-aided sound system design and acoustics for concert halls.
Sound Engineering Explained by Michael Talbot-SmithThis straightforward introduction to audio techniques guides the beginner through principles such as sound waves and basic acoustics and offers practical advice for using recording and reproduction equipment. Previously known as Audio Explained, this latest edition includes new material on: reverberation and its use in recording; principles of digital mixing; digital recording; including MiniDisc and MP3; digital artificial reverberation.

Practical Recording Techniques
Practical Recording Techniques by Bruce & Jenny BartlettSuitable for the home or professional studio, this guide to modern recording covers the basics of sound and the tools for recording it. Bartlett, a microphone engineer and technical writer, covers studio setup, proper acoustics, and recording equipment, including some of the most recent technology, such as digital tape recording, hard-disk recording, keyboard and digital workstations, and MIDI.

Audio Engineer's Reference Book
Audio Engineer's Reference Book by Michael Talbot-SmithSeven chapters covering basic principles, acoustics and acoustic devices, recording and reproduction, digital equipment, studios and their facilities, distribution of audio signals, and miscellaneous topics. The second edition reflects new developments in digital audio and transmission technology.

Pro Tools for Music Production
Pro Tools for Music Production by Mike E.CollinsPro Tools for Music Production is a definitive guide for new and professional users. It is a vital source of information to have by your side, whether you are just starting out, or are an existing user looking to maximize your system for optimum results. The book takes a real-world approach and shows how to build the right system to suit your needs. Detailed chapters on recording, editing and mixing blend essential knowledge with practical examples from actual recordings. The sections on signal processing, plug-ins, virtual instruments, MIDI + audio sequencers and hardware controllers are easy to understand and contain first hand advice. Mac users will benefit from essential operational tips such as software installation, file organization, hard drive maintenance and troubleshooting tips, while the book also contains essential information that will equally appeal to PC users.

Audio Made Easy
Audio Made Easy : (Or How to Be a Sound Engineer Without Really Trying) by Ira WhiteThis entertaining book presents information on pro audio in a very accessible, casual, down-to-earth way. This handy, portable manual for musicians, studio engineers and average audio professionals contains valuable information on using EQ, speaker specifics and recording techniques for recording, live recording, club and concert sound, church sound and theatrical sound, without page-filling formulas or mind-boggling abstract elements. Includes lots of helpful diagrams and an index.

"Is This Thing On?"
"Is This Thing On?" by Gordon McCombAn easy to read and use guide to sound systems!
"Is This Thing On?" is a useful guide for anyone who
needs to design, purchase, install, maintain, or operate
a public sound system. This book takes you through each
step of selecting components, and installing, adjusting
and maintaining a system for small meeting rooms,
churches, large lecture halls, public-address systems
for schools or offices, or any other large room that
requires sound system equipment.

"Is This Thing On?" explains sound systems in easy-to-
understand terms, with drawings and illustrations
showing you the exact procedures behind connections and
troubleshooting diagnostics. With the help of this book,
you will be able to avoid the problems that often arise
in setting up sound systems for events and lectures that
rely on this technology.

Sound Check
Sound Check by Tony MoscalAs author Tony Moscal says, Sound Check is a solution to "The need to devise a succinct and casual way to communicate proper sound reinforcement theories, methods and applications..."

Topics include: The nature of sound, Reception of sound, Basic electricity, Loudspeakers and speaker enclosures, Speaker cabinet factors, Speaker hookup, Power amplifiers, Sound reinforcement system interconnection, Mixers, Monitor systems and Grounding.

Moscal continues, "Regardless of your experience with sound reinforcement, I'm sure that Sound Check will increase your awareness, improve your understanding, and ultimately your sound."

Guide to Sound Systems for Worship
Guide to Sound Systems for Worship by Jon F. EicheThe Guide to Sound Systems for Worship is written to assist in the design, purchase and operation of a sound system. It provides the basic information on sound systems most needed by ministers, members of Board of Trustees, worship and music committees, and interested members of congregations.

Topics include: What a sound system can be for your worship service, where and how to buy a sound system, understanding the physics of sound, the block diagram, microphones, mixers and mixing consoles, signal processors, power amplifiers, loudspeakers, hearing assistance systems, recorders and other sources, hooking it together and installation, system operation, and what to do when things go wrong.

Appendices include a list of sources of audio peripherals and suggestions for further reading. The Guide To Sound Systems For Worship is 192 pages with numerous illustrations and photographs.
The Audio Dictionary

The Audio Dictionary by Glenn D. WhiteRevised and expanded edition of a highly regarded guide to the terminology and basic concepts in the fields of sound recording, sound reinforcement, and musical acoustics.

Sound Reinforcement Handbook
Sound Reinforcement Handbook by Gary Davis and Ralph JonesThe Sound Reinforcement Handbook is a useful reference for anyone who is interested in learning the basics of sound reinforcement.

Main topics include: What is a sound system, the decibel, sound level & related items, sound outdoors, block diagrams, why ears don't always correlate with specs, preamplifiers, small mixers & mixing consoles, loudspeakers, cabling, the electronics, MIDI, frequency response, dynamic range, sound indoors, how to read & interpret specifications, microphones, power amplifiers, signal processing equipment, sound system test equipment, the loudspeakers, and synchronization.

The Appendix topic is Logarithms: Raising Numbers to a Power, Simple Logs, Less Obvious Logs, Mathematic Properties and One More Look At Logs and Decibels.

Live Sound Reinforcement
Live Sound Reinforcement: A Comprehensive Guide to P.A. and Music Reinforcement Systems and Technology by Scott Hunter StarkThis is an excellent overview of the wide range of sound reinforcement concepts and technology. Everything is explained with clear language and diagrams that are accessible to non-specialists. Yet, the material is covered in impressive depth.

Highly recommended for anyone wanting to learn more about this fascinating subject.
Audio Systems Design and InstallationAudio Systems Design and Installation by Philip GiddingsThe ideal guide to audio systems. This practical hands-on tool is designed to help the audio professional find information quickly. Features many useful tables and checklists; illustrates the text with numerous photos and diagrams; improves and expedites system design; and provides tips and strategies for efficient audio system installation.

Sound System EngineeringSound System Engineering by Don and Carolyn DavisA comprehensive text useful in the day-to-day work of designing sound systems. It is a practical manual that carefully examines a step-by-step method of accurately predicting such variables as accoustic gain, clarity of sound, and required electrical input power while plans are still on the drawing board. Emphasizing the time-energy frequency analyzer, the authors discuss problems that might occur in a sound system as it evolves through design, installation, equalization, operation, and maintenance. A necessary addition to the library of anyone involved in audio engineering.
Stage Rigging Handbook
Stage Rigging Handbook by Jay O. GlerumGlerum's book is a wonderful resource for professional and amateur riggers.It provides a great sense as to what riggers do.
"With the information that it contains, Stage Rigging Handbook should become a standard text for advanced technical students and all individuals concerned with the safe and proper maintenance and operation of stage rigging systems." Derek Hunt
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